Another night of release… Aunt Indy to the rescue (again)

May 16, 2010

After the serious, deep importance of my previous post, I think its time to return to the bit more relaxed, yet still emotion-fed installments of a much more enjoyable nature.  The Friday before last, I had planned a day of landscaping, and an evening of golfing and other enjoyment with Indy.  I had been feeling much better inside since the last time I made a trip to “Aunt Indy’s”, but I was in a mental state where I felt that another such emotional visit would again do wonders for me.  The day was just flawless, and I spent a number of very relaxing and healthy hours grooming Indy’s lawn while She was at work.  I was planning on attending the Opening Day Ceremonies at a local regional Amusement Park on Saturday, and with Indy’s house 45 minutes closer than ours, had arranged to spend the night there.  This made it ideal for me to ask for another good, sound, emotionally releasing spanking considering I could be put to bed and not have to drive home after an emotional drop of that level.  Of course, my “rent” for staying was the most pleasurable payment of tending to Indy’s wonderfully spankable bottom as well, and I will chronicle that joyous event in a future post.

As the afternoon turned to evening, I began to quickly realize that I truly needed a genuine, emotion stirring, painful spanking much more than I initially thought.  We got to the golf course, and the warm-ups on the driving range went quite well.  As a result of this, I wasn’t discouraged when the decision was made to play the full course, as opposed to the par 3 course we usually play.  My mood was quickly soured however, when I was very quickly made aware that my driving range prowess did NOT follow me to the course.  After a poor showing on the 1st hole, my mood went from down, to full-fledged meltdown when a series of unnecessary text messages sent me into a profanity-laced rant that would have made Happy Gilmore proud, and gotten me banned from the PGA Tour.  My concentration blown, I attempted to salvage the rest of the round, until a twisted back acquired from an attempt to adjust my swing relegated me to caddy after the 9th hole.  Darkness ended the round after the 11th, and the entire walk back to the car was spent with me calmly talking to Indy while mentally kicking myself inside for losing control.  An impending thunderstorm, that ultimately put an end to my plans for Saturday, brought me down even further… and after reading a post on Facebook from a “Friend” that angered me enough to warrant another rant in Indy’s living room… I was in a mental state that left me with no desire to deal with the emotions a hard spanking would let loose.

Once I calmed down enough to actually sit down and carry on a lucid conversation, we sat and discussed how things had gone the night before with Hank, and other soothing topics that eventually put me in a place where I felt comfortable in my abilities to enjoy the delightful task of reddening Indy’s Lovely bottom in a calm way that we would both enjoy.  While I was warming her up, and watching how she was relaxing as the  endorphins began to flow, some very strong feelings began to overwhelm me.  I realized it was just not healthy to keep the emotions, thoughts, and feelings inside me that I was… and just how much they were affecting me and those around me I care about.  I realized that Indy was an undeserving recipient of my repeated rants that evening, and I knew in my Heart that I needed the type of spanking befitting someone who had acted as I had.  Who better, I thought, than Aunt Indy to administer it… after all… She had to contend with the tantrums and it was only right She take me to task for it.

Once I had completed the thrashing of Indy’s fine backside with two of her canes in the living room, I returned to the bedroom and selected the tools I felt would most effectively produce the results I knew were needed and deserved.  I then went back to the living room, and confessed that I needed Aunt Indy to put me to bed with a very sore bottom and tear-stained cheeks.  No further encouragement was needed, and it was not long before I was being guided firmly to the bedroom, just like the last time I was a naughty boy.  I was mercifully allowed to keep my Batman briefs up in the beginning, though I think that simply caused Her to give me a more vigorous workout from the start.  A number of tools were used along with Her hand, including the leather Nanny Paddle, and the VERY stingy ivory hairbrush that Linda and I own that is very appropriate for correcting a naughty boy properly.  By the time my briefs were pulled down, the emotions were bubbling up, and I was sinking more deeply into my little boy space with every stinging swat to my bared cheeks.  It was not long before I was told to stand, and my underclothes were fully removed, a humbling experience to this day, regardless of how many times my nether regions have been seen in similar circumstances.  Once properly bared, I was laid across the bed for a very sound strapping, and it was during this when the dam broke, and the emotions and feelings flooded from within me.  I am extremely happy with the fortitude Indy shows when I start to cry, continuing with the same vigor, knowing my tears are not a signal to stop but an indication that She is taking me where I need to be.  My bottom was genuinely burning, and I was crying steadily when the last stroke of the leather was given… but it did nothing to dissuade Her from giving me what She knew would put me away… 6 very proper swats with Her paddle.  I broke on the 4th swat, my journey to my safe place complete, and the final two swats served as punctuation in my mind that I will always have a good Friend in Indy no matter how much of an ass I make of myself.

As I lay in bed crying, comfortably tucked in by my caring Aunt with my stuffed bumblebee and pacifier, I thought about the people who are important in my Life, and now… no matter how badly the walls of the World are closing in on me… are always there to relieve me of the crushing blows and how much I cherish each and every one of them in and out of the Life.


The importance of safe play

May 8, 2010

I want to take a moment to step away from the light-hearted and fun posts I have published of late, to talk about a very serious topic that is crucial to all of us, male or female.  I was reading comments made by Indy and Kaelah regarding Indy’s first spanking, and the subject of meeting play partners though personal ads was brought up.  I want to deeply encourage, neigh, BEG any/everyone who utilizes these services to PLEASE take every single precaution you can think of… and then think of more… to guarantee yourselves a trip home with your body, mind, and emotions intact.  What I am about to divulge is deeply personal, and until  this point known only by a handful of people, but I feel it will help for others to learn from my mistakes that have already been made and cannot be withdrawn from my life and hopefully save them from being subjected to the fate I suffered.

In September of 2000, I was just beginning my foray into the wonderful World of adult consensual spanking play, and was currently in a cyber-relationship with a Couple that I referenced in my introductory posts.  I had not yet felt a genuine swat across my bottom other than my own under instruction of  my Tops, and the yearning was growing stronger by the day.  This yearning was combined with some very turbulent happenings at the time, such as my Grandfather, whom I was around very frequently since I was a baby, being very ill with end-stage cancer, and my lingering confusion over my recently found strong sexual desires for men.  These three things combined pushed me into a weakened and vulnerable emotional/mental state, and sent me down a road riddled with mistakes that could have ended fatally, and DID cause unwanted physical pain and emotional pain that is still with me to this day.

I was chatting with a man I had contacted on the Yahoo Personals site who caught my eye, and was describing the experience I would like to have with a man like him.  I had told him about my deep desire to be put over someones knee and soundly spanked, and also how I was unlocking the doors to M/m sexual contact.  I was very sure to repeatedly say that, if I became as aroused as I was thinking I would from the spanking, I would very happily please him orally… but was not comfortable going to the point of penetration due to my nervousness/virginity.  That was mistake number one… giving a possible predator a trophy to aquire.  He was very quick to agree to everything I said, and told me I would get my bottom well paddled as soon as I wanted it.  I was very happy to discover that we lived quite close, and the thoughts of driving a short distance home with a rosy, sore bottom to vigorously relieve my arousal overcame any thoughts of proper meeting procedures.  I dont think I have to even state that was mistake number two.  This chain led to mistake number three, which was eagerly agreeing to come to his house for my spanking immediately and therefore putting myself totally under his control, within his own territory.

I slipped on a pair of jeans that were quite snug enough to make my bottom extremely enticing, took the ping pong paddle I had bought just for such purposes out of my closet, and drove to meet my fate like a lamb to slaughter.  Once I arrived, I was welcomed in with a handshake, and a firm squeeze to my bottom.  Given the amount of eagerness shown in that gesture, as well as the very obvious show of arousal within the pants of my host, I should have been turning on every single red light in my brain…. but I ran every single one of those lights due to inexperience/naivete as well as my very tainted mental and emotional status.  There is a classic example of  mistake number four… allowing an unsound mind to put your sound body and possibly your life at risk.  After breaking the ice briefly, I presented my paddle to him, and asked him to give me the spanking I knew I needed.  He took the paddle, set it on the coffee table, and relieved me of my jeans and underwear before placing me over his lap.  I was then given a few mild swats with the paddle that were barely more than a tickle, and then felt his hand  come down on me.  He then started to mix mild swats with squeezes and rubs, which quickly became just squeezes, and progressed to fondling of other parts of my body in close proximity to my cheeks.  I distinctly felt his erection grow stiffer and longer, and that was my first signal of a possibly bad situation.  My thoughts were taken other places however, when he picked me up off of his lap and placed me on my knees, with my chest draped over the back of the sofa.  This position left my bottom very very available in every way, and all I could think of was “oh boy, Im going to really get it good now”, and let my mind fill with those happy thoughts.  I completely let my guard down, which was mistake number six, the worst and final mistake I made that day.  I am sure I do not have to tell you what happened next, but I will say I was in a floating daze as my hips were being repeatedly pushed into the back of the sofa, and my virginity being ripped from me in a manner more vile than I can even describe.  This daze lasted through the full conclusion, and also me dressing as if the experience I had just gone through was something I wanted.  It wasnt until I arrived at home, and saw the unmistakable evidence when I undressed, that it hit me like the Proverbial ton-of-bricks.  The emotional collapse, and the hours upon hours of uncontrollable tears I shed in bed that night, are things I would wish upon only one single living being… the disgusting piece of trash that forever altered my mind, and took a part of my Soul.

I would like to close this by stating that, I did not write this account to receive mounds of sympathy comments, that is not what I want everyone to take away from this.  I DO want everyone to look at the list of mistakes I made, burn them into their minds, and do anything and everything in their power to NOT allow this to happen to them.  Play safe everyone… PLEASE play safe… so your minds and Hearts will always be filled with the fun and enjoyment this segment of life is intended to bring.


A much-needed release

May 5, 2010

Those of you who read my “return to the Life” post recently are aware that Linda is currently in West Virginia working, and will be there until early June.  This has had numerous affects on me, each of them emotionally trying in different degrees.  The first day Linda was gone, I realized my best option was to remain occupied as much as possible, and utilize the offers of listening ears and caring shoulders given to me by Hank and Indy.  The first weekend I was alone, Indy helped me with all three of those, and then some.

The two of us had been talking about going golfing together on one of the easier courses close to where She lives, and after assuring me that She would not laugh too hard at my return to the game after a 19 year hiatus as long as I didnt knock Her out with my swing, I decided it would be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  This, of course, would most certainly be followed up by dinner which would be followed up with nefarious activities guaranteed to leave both of us with sore bottoms.  I would also like to mention that, I had been already missing Linda greatly, and while in the planning stages for the weekend I asked Indy to help me release the emotions I had trapped inside me.  After very readily agreeing to do just that, the stage was set for a very nice weekend.

Moving forward to Saturday afternoon/early evening, as we were leaving the course in very good spirits due to having a very relaxing time enjoying the weather and each others company, the discussion ensued concerning any special things I wanted Her to do when spanking me.  I stated that I needed to be taken into  my little boy space, both physically and verbally, because my chest was feeling heavy with emotions I wanted to release.  At this point, I must admit that I need a “reason” to cry, as it makes me feel weak to break down for no apparent reason other than sadness.  As irrational as that sounds, both Linda and Indy know this, and both very willingly accommodate me in helping me release when I need to.  It was then decided that, after dinner, I would enjoy Topping Indy and later She would take care of the naughty little boy.

The evening that followed was just exactly what I wanted and needed… and more.  A wonderful, relaxing dinner of grilled salmon and Indian spiced potatoes was combined with even more relaxing vodka and orange juice and conversation intermixed with some playful bratting.  Desert consisted of yours truly giving the Lovely bottom of my Hostess a very thorough tending to before She went to a musical performance being held by a Friend of Hers, a chore/pleasure I will never tire of.  I took advantage of the time alone to partake of another drink and change into attire appropriate of the little boy I was already beginning to feel like inside, while thinking about just what was in store for me.  I was fortunate enough to come across Super Hero briefs in adult sizes, and after telling Linda about my discovery, I was told to get them for the times when I needed to be taken to that headspace.  I combined the Superman briefs I had brought with me with a pair of Dough Boy lounge pants, and sat down on the sofa to wait, and catch up on emails and Facebook.

Upon the return of my Babysitter of sorts, I was fully comfortable and relaxed, and looking forward to the care I knew She was very very capable of providing.  We sat and enjoyed some more nice conversation, me catching Her up on my budding relationship with Hank, and also discussing other topics both scene and non-scene related… which increased my level of anticipation/butterflies by the minute.  Those butterflies were even stronger when, after taking my glass to the kitchen, I was marched to the guest room with a firm hand on my back while being told “OK young man, you know what its time for”.  As if that wasnt enough to get the feelings and thoughts flowing, then being ordered to pull my pj pants and briefs down in front of Her before being quite matter-of-factly  pulled over Her knee was.

Once I had been properly placed in the time-honored position with my bare bottom perched very vulnerably, my helpful and very willing “Aunt Indy” wasted no time in peppering both cheeks thoroughly with a combination of impliments of varying intensity.  One of these implements was the ivory hairbrush that Linda uses on me when I am being disciplined, and the very distinct sting combined with the feelings that the use of the brush creates caused me to truly find my little boy space and I felt tears beginning to flow from my eyes.  Though I am quite certain Indy noticed this, it did nothing to dissuade Her from adding another barrage of firm swats with it, getting me closer and closer to release.  That release came very quickly after I was placed on the bed with pillows under my already badly stinging bottom, and subjected to the corrective measures of both Her and my Reformatory Paddle, and further punctuated with the intense CRACK of  the Corporal Punishment ruler strap.  Due to the tennis elbow that has been ailing Her of late, She was very sure to make the best of Her Dominant arms limited endurance by genuinely giving me 10 hard strokes that would have made Mommy Linda very proud.  That opened the floodgates, but did not stop my Intrepid Aunt from sticking to Her plan.  As I openly cried into the pillow, She soothed me verbally, but also told me I had swats from the paddle coming and She needed me to be a good boy and take them like She knew I could.  Those words increased the flow of emotions in a very good way, and the 6 swats I received with Her Fratman Jr paddle were enough to push every last adult thought and feeling out of me.  What followed can only be described as the most Caring, Wonderful thing a Friend has ever done for me…. my feelings of complete loss of control and carefree serenity were solidified as my shirt was gently removed, I was placed in bed, and tucked under the sheet and blanket…. giving me the freedom to collapse emotionally and openly cry myself to sleep.  I can certainly assure everyone, I did just that, and I couldn’t have without the help of a truly great Friend, who is by the day becoming one of the most wonderful and capable Tops Ive had the pleasure of submitting to.


A special new Man, and another new beginning, part 2

May 3, 2010

In my last post, I had been happily discussing the very enjoyable times I have recently been spending with a special Man, whom I will refer to as Hank within the confines of the Blog.  I will pick up at the end of the evening when we celebrated my Birthday, and take everyone through my thoughts and feelings up to this current time.

As I was on my way home that evening, my mind was reeling with the events that had unfolded.  My body was tingling with that feeling only a truly Earth-shattering Lovemaking session can give, and my Heart and stomach were fluttering with the words Hank had spoken during dinner.  “I can’t believe He actually scolded me in front of the waiter” I kept thinking to myself, and that thought was quickly followed over and over with “would He have spanked me had we been at His house?”  I floated the whole way home, and fell quickly asleep to relive the evening over and over in my mind and looking forward to seeing Hank again.

That night came after two long weeks, much longer than either of us wanted.  Hank is a Nurse, and therefore has an odd schedule as well as many shifts that go past their scheduled time.  Our initial plan was for me to spend the evening with Him the next week, and cook dinner for Him once again and spend the night with Him for the first time.  This plan got rescheduled however, due to a very long and draining week that would have left Hank, in His words “Without the energy He wanted to devote to giving me a wonderful night”.  Hearing this kind of caring sentiment left me boiling with desire to be with Him that much more, and brought my Heart that much closer to the swelling point.  Finally, after a weeks delay, we were able to schedule a nice evening together this past Thursday, and I planned a nice dinner of steaks and lasagna.  The evening started out splendidly, with Hank putting His arms around me and giving me a very sweet, lingering kiss as I walked in the door.  I wanted to forget the ingredients I had in the bag I was carrying, and make a delicious meal out of Him, but I realized that the dinner I had planned would make the desert that much sweeter.

I made my way to the kitchen, and Hank went to shower at the same time, teasing me terribly by making very sure I got a good long look at His wonderfully sexy bare bottom (Black Men have such delicious bubble butts).  This sight, and the ensuing fantasies that it created, made preparing the lasagna properly more than slightly difficult but I wanted to make very sure I put my best effort forth.  It seems my persistence paid off, as Hank could not get enough, and praised me repeatedly on my culinary skills throughout the meal.  This made my sub side come out in force, as I very obediently and happily took both of our plates and glasses into the kitchen while my Man relaxed and watched me wiggle my bottom from room to room.  I was at the point where I could no longer resist, and when I came back into the living room, smiled and knelt in front  of the sofa to please Him.  This led to my being taken to His bedroom, and the incredible Lovemaking that He and I had engaged in while celebrating my Birthday was repeated, in a much more vigorous and passionate manner.  We somehow ended up intertwined back in the living room on the floor, and it was here that I got the answer to the question I had been asking myself since our last time together.

As Hank was massaging me, both of us deeply in post-coital bliss, He spent a good amount of time paying attention to my bottom.  This attention included a gentle swat, and I quickly showed my approval by arching my back and wiggling.  To my delight, this led to another, slightly firmer swat to my other cheek, which I responded to with another wiggle, this one much cheekier than the first.  I will never forget the dual tone of slight surprise/genuine happiness in His voice when He said “Oh, you DO like being spanked don’t you?”, to which I of course responded with a nod and half-moaning “mmmmyesssssssss” while keeping my bare cheeks raised nicely.  That combination earned me 20 or so rather firm swats that stung enough for me to realize that a true discipline spanking from Him would be a challenge at the least.  It also sent a fire burning through me that could only be extinguished one way…. and Hank provided a very long lasting extinguisher before holding my happily exhausted body in His arms.  As we were both quickly drifting off to sleep, He held His mouth close to my ear and said the words that made me melt, and that I had been hoping to hear… “I Love You Nick, my Heart is yours”.

Those words were repeated again early in the morning, as He was tucking me in after awakening me very naughtily 😉 before getting Himself ready for work.  It was then, as I was floating off to early morning slumberland, that I truly realized I had found a truly wonderful Man with a big Heart, a caring personality, and an incredibly firm hand that He assured me He would not be hesitant to use.  Who could ask for anything more?


A special new Man, and another wonderful new beginning, part 1

May 1, 2010

Well, my initial plans of spending a wonderful day at the Opening Day of a great amusement park were quashed by a combination of gloomy, wet weather and twisting wrong repeatedly yesterday evening on the golf course.  With my new outlook on things, I have decided to spend a nice quiet day catching everyone up on some recent happenings in my life.  About 6 weeks ago, I began talking to a Man on a vanilla forum and He caught my fancy immediately.  This was before I decided to truly re-enter the Life, and having a Man who was not in the Life that I could spend time with and possibly develop a relationship with was very appealing to me.  I informed Him during our first chat that I am happily Married, and described the modifed-poly Marriage that Linda and I live.  Much to my delight, He informed me that He Himself is bisexual, and was Married at one time as well but was not as fortunate as I when it comes to having an incredible, very very special Lady who understands and accepts/encourages my needs and desires.  We continued to chat/email each other, and after a week or so of getting to know one another, decided to spend an evening together to get further acquainted.

I cooked dinner at His house on our first date, and spent a very wonderful evening getting to know Him in a very comfortable, relaxing environment where He further reassured me of His understanding by telling me how much He would enjoy going out to dinner with Linda and I, and truly getting to know Her.  I was quickly aware that I had found a Man I was genuinely very attracted to, not only because He was sexy as Hell and made me tingle when He caressed my back or leg, but also because of His maturity and intelligence.  He is a far cry from Chip in that respect, and I was finding myself enjoying the evening more and more as we talked further and things progressed.  Things did get moderately intimate that first night, but what was so nice was the fact that He in no way pressured me to go further, or to even progress as far as we did.  Knowing that, made me want to please Him even more, and I will simply say that I went home with a very pleasant feeling in my Heart and a wonderful taste in my mouth.

We were not able to see each other for a couple of weeks after that, due to schedule conflicts and the fact I had to return to where I lived before moving here for some furthering education classes.  It was during this time that I realized the words He had said our first evening together were not just lip-service, but very sincere.  I got numerous text messages while we were apart, asking me how my drive was, how I was doing, and just those general little things that say “I miss you” in a way that just truly made me feel very special.  The feelings in the air were electric when we saw each other again, and He took me out to dinner for my Birthday.  Now, believe me when I say I had noticed how strong and firm his dark hands looked, and felt when He caressed and rubbed me, and I definitely had thoughts of how they would feel putting handprints on my bare cheeks.  I had entertained thoughts of asking Him if He would enjoy having me over His knee on occasion, but was choosing to err on the side of caution, not wanting to lose something I had already begun to realize was quite special.  He knows of Lindas and my involvement in spanking and other forms of kink, but never really said one way or another as to whether or not He had ever engaged in play or enjoyed it.  With this information in mind, imagine how much my ears perked, my insides tingled, and face reddened when He looked at me and said “You didnt eat your veggies young man” just as the waiter was collecting our plates from the table!  I was so instantly hot, surprised, and deliciously embarassed at that time, I wanted to ravage Him right there on the spot and would have if I could have possibly gotten away with it.  That moment alone was the most incredible Birthday gift He could have ever given me, and the great dinner and truly wonderful conversation just added to the whole feeling of happiness I was feeling.  I knew by the time we returned to His house, that I wanted Him to make me His, and we spent the rest of the evening consumating the Relationship.  I can say without a doubt He is the most caring, gentle, cautious Man who has ever made Love to me, and the atmosphere was so relaxed, non-rushed, and pressure free that I couldnt get enough of Him.  This, my Friends, leads us up to this previous Thursday… and that is where part two will commence.


OK, lets try this again, shall we?

April 29, 2010

Hi again, to everyone who is still perusing this blog, its been a while.  Since my last post, many things have happened in Linda and my Life that have truly made me look at everything in my life just a bit differently.  About two and a half months ago, things came to a head in our house, and elevated to the point where I was very close to walking away from everything.  A very late night, a lot of tears, and some very serious dissecting of my life later, I thankfully realized that what I have is too important to lose, and nothing in this World is cause enough to walk away from the only Lady outside of my Family who has ever Loved me unconditionally and given me Her Heart and Soul until the end of time.

While doing said self-reflection, I began to realize how my participation in the Life was affecting my entire mental state, in a less than positive way.  I am a person who becomes addicted to pleasures very quickly… though curiously enough I have never been addicted to any pleasurable chemicals.  The problem is , I am also one who quickly starts looking for “bigger, better, faster, harder” etc etc.  In my hobbies, Im always itching for that roller coaster with the taller lift hill, 300 feet instead of 200, 95 mph instead of 80.  With my car hobby, Im always looking for more horsepower and a more intense ride.  Unfortunately, I realized that my part in the Life had become the same way.  I was looking to go deeper, and darker, every single time Linda or anyone else took me in hand.  I no longer wanted to be spanked, I wanted to be strapped raw.  I wanted to be whipped hard on my back, bottom, and legs.  I wanted to go to the point that my pain receptors and mind would not allow my body to.  I realized….. I wanted and needed to be hurt.  There was no joy in it, no fun…. the pleasure I was receiving was from being genuinely hurt… and when my body couldnt handle going where I thought I wanted to go, I got frustrated.

Well, let me tell everyone that, those days are thankfully over.  Three weeks ago, Linda went to West Virginia to spend some time with Her sister and nieces, and to where work is more plentiful.  The result of this is, I will not see Her again until Mothers Day weekend, and then not after that until June 8th.  Let me tell everyone out there…. this SUCKS!  Knowing you have a Lady who Loves you,and who you want to put your arms around, but cant because of how dependant we have all become on GodDamn money in this World.  Yes, Im pissed, but I feel Ive got the right.  The single positive that has come from this is that… it has allowed me to press the reset button so to speak.  Only twice in my life have I ever truly felt the truth of the statement “You never know how much you will miss someone until they are gone” and that was with my Grandparents.  Well, now its three, and let me tell you its a LOT worse knowing the one that is gone, but you still have a chance of seeing again is 6 fucking hours away.  It has shown me the value of things… and the worthlessness of others.  Its shown me something I already knew, but could never apply until now, which is this…. Love your Family, Love your Friends, have fun with everything else because its all bullshit anyway.

I have played with Indy a few times in these three weeks, one of which I will be posting about likely Saturday night, and they have been the best times Ive had in the Life in years!  I no longer crave the outreaches of sanity and safety.  I no longer YEARN to be hurt, to have my skin blistered and cut.  The Life, and my participation in every single aspect of it, is FUN again and I now genuinely look forward to when I can again get that look from Linda that says “Oh, you are going to get your bottom whooped GOOD for that young man”.  I guess, the best way to sum all of this up is…. Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkk, and does it sure feel GOOD this time.


Increasing the Intensity

January 23, 2010

In everything I do in my life, I like to continually improve and expand on my experiences and limits.  This desire flows deeply within me, not only in my Professional Life, but also within my hobby/leisure life.  When I first entered the Alternative Life 10 years ago, I was absolutely ecstatic being a spanko, and enjoying the feelings and emotions it gave me.  That changed, however, as I met Linda and we began to explore the deeper, sometimes darker realms of BDSM and D/s.  I have found I also enjoy helping my play partners explore and expand their limits, with their full consent of course.  The following is a recap of just such a session with Indy, although it was far from my best attempt. This fact, along with a bit of frustration with the nuances of blogging in general, would have kept me from posting at all, had it not been for a combination of insomnia and Indy’s desire to see how my accounts would compare to hers. Read the rest of this entry »