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Fantasy or reality?

December 22, 2009

I am in a scene Relationship with a young man, “Chip” for the purposes of the Blog, and we are currently dealing with a serious stumbling block which has made me wonder how the spanko population feels about this subject.  We currently have a Daddy/son relationship for the most part when it comes to spanking, and a much more Adult, erotic relationship when it comes time to turn the lights off at night.  I will write some more in-depth posts regarding the physical side of things at a later date, but for now I would like to touch on the thing that is holding us back. Read the rest of this entry ?


A question of approach

December 13, 2009

Im going to follow the approach taken by Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts, and write my Sunday post in similar fashion to Her Sunday Brunch topic.  Id like to open the forum up to the readers and get your opinions on a subject that I have always taken great interest in analyzing. Read the rest of this entry ?


My First Party

December 10, 2009

Not long after Linda and I started dating, and after a few wonderful weekends of very spirited play in which we both always went home with deliciously red and sore bottoms, She told me about a party that was run by an incredibly nice couple that chatted regularly on and was attended by a lot of the members I had already become internet Friends with.  It was held yearly in Sandusky, Ohio and She had experienced her first one the previous year.  Now, given my previous experience in playing with people other than my SO, I was quite leery of branching out and entering into an arena where there would be dozens of others who I feared would turn me off to the scene totally. Read the rest of this entry ?


Intro, part 3… Incoming Linda

December 7, 2009

OK, at the end of part two, I had just come out of two incredibly toxic scene-based relationships, and was at a point of questioning my desire to remain active in an r/l based capacity.  I fell into a downward spiral of extremely unhealthy behavior, both physical and chemical related.  I had a couple of short-term, emotionless spanking/sex based flings to satisfy my physical desires, but had jaded myself to disallow any caring on my part as to whether either of them continued further than the particular day/night we were completing at the time.  As has been said countless times however, the best things happen when you are not looking.  I also have to begrudgingly admit, I have Pris and Kelvin to thank for the direction my life went next. Read the rest of this entry ?


How it all started, part 2

December 5, 2009

When I left you in part 1, I had stated that I was at a point where I had reached the highest level of satisfaction that a cyber-spanking relationship could take me, and was desperately wanting to take it to the next level.  Now, logic would dictate that my first R/L spanking partner(s) would be the “Mommy/Daddy” I had been communicating with in New York, but since when has logic had a Damn thing in common with the spanko world?    No dear readers, instead I was thrown a curve in the form of  a young Lady. Read the rest of this entry ?


A couple of shouts out!!

December 4, 2009

I would like to take a moment to make everyone aware of a new Blog, as well as a very good organization.  The Blog in question is one started by our very good Friend, Indy, and is located in my Blogroll as Not So Submissive. This is the Blog I alluded to in my first post, and it is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading posts written by someone very well spoken and with a wonderful, if sometimes quite naughty, wit.

The organization I would like to endorse is a Social Group called Our Need And Desire Spanking Group.  This Group is run by a wonderful, caring Lady who is very open-minded and does not suffer from the audacious staggered party fees between men and women or the prevalent homo-phobia that most Meeting/Party Groups suffer from.  They hold semi-annual gatherings, usually in May and November, in a Chicago suburb hotel with very reasonable room rates and party fees.  The url is