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Increasing the Intensity

January 23, 2010

In everything I do in my life, I like to continually improve and expand on my experiences and limits.  This desire flows deeply within me, not only in my Professional Life, but also within my hobby/leisure life.  When I first entered the Alternative Life 10 years ago, I was absolutely ecstatic being a spanko, and enjoying the feelings and emotions it gave me.  That changed, however, as I met Linda and we began to explore the deeper, sometimes darker realms of BDSM and D/s.  I have found I also enjoy helping my play partners explore and expand their limits, with their full consent of course.  The following is a recap of just such a session with Indy, although it was far from my best attempt. This fact, along with a bit of frustration with the nuances of blogging in general, would have kept me from posting at all, had it not been for a combination of insomnia and Indy’s desire to see how my accounts would compare to hers. Read the rest of this entry ?


OK… My REAL, Uncensored views on Homophobia in the Life

January 19, 2010

I read with great interest both Indy’s as well as Pandora’s posts concerning the disgusting, narrow-minded disease that is homophobia in the spanking/kink scene as it relates to M/m interaction.  I would first of all like to say thank you to both Ladies for having the courage to at least state your views and bring this to the forefront.  Having said that, and after commenting on both posts in the most PC manner I could muster, here are some further thoughts I have on the subject and the replies thereto. Read the rest of this entry ?


Graham’s Meme… Again

January 17, 2010

A couple of days ago, Indy posted this meme, which she got from Graham, and I thought it was quite interesting.  So, with no further ado, I present my version thereof: Read the rest of this entry ?


Two for One Spanking Special

January 14, 2010

As I was writing my previous post, many wonderful memories of the weekend went rushing through my head.  The entire weekend was filled with stimulating conversation, and an equal amount of stimulating play.  The most memorable evening for me though, was the night we got back from the park and I received my first doubleteam spanking. Though I to this day feel it was for a ludicrous reason (more on that later) I am still very happy that it happened with the two Ladies it did.

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Spanking gives a new meaning of Amusement to Amusment Parks

January 11, 2010

OK everyone, one of my other favorite things to do, actually my second favorite behind tanning the bare bottoms of deserving men and women, is ride roller coasters.  I am whats known as a Coaster Enthusiast… known by Indy as “coaster geek” :-).  If there is a bigger, better, faster,smoother ,anything else-er coaster out there, Im all over it.  Now with my mind always slanting to the FAR side of ‘normal’, I always thought to myself”how cool would it be to get one of these parks for a spanking event, and combine my two most favorite things”.  Well, I havent yet gotten my private Spanking TajMahal, but I did get to experience the aforementioned combination of favorites. Read the rest of this entry ?


The perils of Poly

January 8, 2010

Yesterday, I was sent a very wonderful and interesting link concerning the near countless directions a Polyamorous relationship could take, and the differing roles of the individuals involved.  As I was reading it with great interest, I noticed that there was a circumstance that was not spoken of that highly affects a man in my position (insert lewd sexual comment concerning positions here). Read the rest of this entry ?


Fresh year, Fresh decade, Fresh start

January 6, 2010

OK everyone, lets all take a minute and give thanks for 2009 being kicked to the curb!!!  As the title alludes to, its time to focus on the new, and forge ahead with fresh Vigor!  I can say that I am going to be looking at things through new eyes, and am going to concentrate on all the positives that can come from being Damn lucky enough to have a roof over my and Linda’s head, a Loving Family, and a growing number of really great people in the Life.  Of course, there is also a bit of chemistry involved in my outlook*, but if it keeps me from wanting to go Ballistic and fall into meltdown mode, Im ALL for it. Read the rest of this entry ?