Increasing the Intensity

January 23, 2010

In everything I do in my life, I like to continually improve and expand on my experiences and limits.  This desire flows deeply within me, not only in my Professional Life, but also within my hobby/leisure life.  When I first entered the Alternative Life 10 years ago, I was absolutely ecstatic being a spanko, and enjoying the feelings and emotions it gave me.  That changed, however, as I met Linda and we began to explore the deeper, sometimes darker realms of BDSM and D/s.  I have found I also enjoy helping my play partners explore and expand their limits, with their full consent of course.  The following is a recap of just such a session with Indy, although it was far from my best attempt. This fact, along with a bit of frustration with the nuances of blogging in general, would have kept me from posting at all, had it not been for a combination of insomnia and Indy’s desire to see how my accounts would compare to hers.

A couple of weeks ago, I was pointed towards a story that spoke of an experiment of sorts, between a Man and His submissive female SO.  It described how they correlated arousal and increasing intensity of cane strokes, in a very interesting, and deliciously hot manner.  At this same time, I was made aware of how being forced to submit to something that would test a persons limits, and the accompanying mindplay piqued a certain Lady’s interest.  I carefully examined each, and decided which elements of both scenarios could be best utilized in a play session with Indy, and put my mind to work.  In doing this, I also took into account the fact that it had been over three weeks since we had played, and adjusted my thoughts and plans accordingly.

Linda and I arrived at Indy’s house in the early afternoon, with the plan of spending the rest of the day and evening enjoying each others company, eating a wonderfully prepared home cooked meal, and of course re-aquainting Indys bottom to a number of both hers and our wonderful toys.  We quickly agreed that a long warm up was in order, especially with the plans I had for later.  This itself proved to be quite fun and also quite surprising, when I bared her Lovely bottom after a very long and gradual warm up to find that her cheeks had yet to acquire even a blush!  Of course, I quickly remedied that with a lengthy barrage of solid swats with my hand and London Tanner Nanny Paddle, realizing I would be extremely remiss in my duties of giving a proper warm up leaving anything less than a nice, even rosy hue.

The afternoon progressed nicely, with all three of us conversing about how our Holidays had gone, and other areas of Life.  This time was also filled with Indy tweeting back and forth to a Friend, exchanging comments concerning how things were progressing so far.  Of course, given the fact I had to keep giving her material to tweet, I decided that she was indeed ready for round two.  The intensity of this trip to the back room was decidedly stronger, starting this time with a panty clad bottom from the beginning, and with the addition of a very stingy rubber spatula.  It didnt take nearly as long for her to become nicely rosy this time, though it certainly did not dissuade me from making sure that every inch of the Lovely palate I was working with was a very attractive shade.  Of course, what is rose without a few areas of crimson to compliment it??  With that thought in mind, I chose to utilize her spanking strop, as well as our Reformatory Paddle (otherwise known as the Cannon) to bring out the deeper colors.  I wanted to moderately challenge her, yet not make her too sore, so 10 strokes of the strop, and 8 with the Reformatory Paddle were given across each cheek to make sure she had a nice soft burn to last through dinner.

After a wonderful dinner and desert, all made by Indy to belatedly celebrate Linda’s Birthday, we sat in the living room to relax and digest, as well as enjoy more Friendly conversation and a bourbon and Diet Coke.  I was also playing out round three in my head, deciding the proper order and strength of implements as well as the best positions for them.  After a bit of contemplation, and making sure Pooh and Killer were both safely kenneled,  I decided that a much harder, faster, and longer OTK session would be a good place to start.  Taking a much stronger stance, I quickly took Indy by the hand and led her to the sofa, giving Linda a perfect front row vantage point of the festivities.  She was quickly and unceremoniously relieved of her jeans and panties, and taken firmly over my lap for a rekindling of the heat applied to her bottom earlier.  I showed no mercy this time, giving her a much, much harder and longer spanking with my hand and the Nanny Paddle that soon had her squirming and vocalizing her sincere distress.  I continued to work very firmly on her bottom regardless of her discomfort, not stopping until her bottom was apple red and Linda was quite satisfied with the visual presentation.

Once I had given Indy a short amount of relaxation/reflection time standing facing the wall, I decided that the Cannon would be the next tool used.  Again, this time it was administered with much greater force, and with her bottom in a much more vulnerable position being presented over the arm of the sofa.  I also chose to add our antique razor strop to the arsenal, giving her 6 very hard licks with it after 12 equally hard ones with the Cannon.  These both left extremely vivid and satisfying stripes across the surface of her backside, as well as leaving her in need of a break to re-hydrate herself.  I once again guided her to the wall, and got her a glass of water while Linda and I admired the wonderful results of my actions thus far.

For the finale, I decided that a proper caning was in order, this time using the table as opposed to a chair to present Indy’s bottom.  After placing a pillow on the surface for her head, I bent her over and positioned her bottom in a very visually pleasing way, using the aforementioned story as a guide.  I used all three of her canes, from thinnest to thickest in ascending order, with the intent of giving 6 of the best with each.  The first 6 were given with enthusiasm, and the reactions showed such.  This resulted in a breakdown of concentration/conviction on my part, and I allowed myself to be convinced to reduce the number with the middle cane to 4.  These strokes were also much more tentative, and wouldnt have elicited anywhere close to the reaction they did had my willing victim not already had quite a sore bottom.  After stopping briefly to regroup, I picked up the thickest cane, and promised myself to make them count.  I took care to properly aim, and went to work, giving her the 6 hardest strokes I have to this point given her, and both the vivid tramlines that appeared on her bottom, as well as her strong reactions proved such beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The conclusion of the evening was spent with both of us recovering mentally and physically, and talking about the highs and lows of the session.  I acquired some very valuable knowledge about future scenes, and made mental notes of how to implement them at the proper time.  That, I think, is my favorite part of having a play partner and Friend that we get to interact with frequently, the constant ability to learn and to continually expand the limits of mind and body.  It also gives me plenty of opportunities to correct mistakes and increase the satisfaction we all get from longer, better, increasingly intense play that our readers inevitably benefit from via our or Indy’s blog :-).



  1. I just want your readers to know that you actually left a spanking out!

    • Im sure you will correct that oversight when you post your account. You are carrying the torch now.

  2. Oo, thank you for the account. It was fun hearing how things were going during the day, but of course Indy is very biased and inclined to over-exaggerate how hard she is being spanked, so it’s nice to see she had a genuine reason for whinging 😉

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  4. […] to safeword to end the scene, but that’s kind of the way I played it out in my head. When we did play the scene, I certainly got a serious thrashing, perhaps not the hardest he’s ever given me, but very […]

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