A special new Man, and another wonderful new beginning, part 1

May 1, 2010

Well, my initial plans of spending a wonderful day at the Opening Day of a great amusement park were quashed by a combination of gloomy, wet weather and twisting wrong repeatedly yesterday evening on the golf course.  With my new outlook on things, I have decided to spend a nice quiet day catching everyone up on some recent happenings in my life.  About 6 weeks ago, I began talking to a Man on a vanilla forum and He caught my fancy immediately.  This was before I decided to truly re-enter the Life, and having a Man who was not in the Life that I could spend time with and possibly develop a relationship with was very appealing to me.  I informed Him during our first chat that I am happily Married, and described the modifed-poly Marriage that Linda and I live.  Much to my delight, He informed me that He Himself is bisexual, and was Married at one time as well but was not as fortunate as I when it comes to having an incredible, very very special Lady who understands and accepts/encourages my needs and desires.  We continued to chat/email each other, and after a week or so of getting to know one another, decided to spend an evening together to get further acquainted.

I cooked dinner at His house on our first date, and spent a very wonderful evening getting to know Him in a very comfortable, relaxing environment where He further reassured me of His understanding by telling me how much He would enjoy going out to dinner with Linda and I, and truly getting to know Her.  I was quickly aware that I had found a Man I was genuinely very attracted to, not only because He was sexy as Hell and made me tingle when He caressed my back or leg, but also because of His maturity and intelligence.  He is a far cry from Chip in that respect, and I was finding myself enjoying the evening more and more as we talked further and things progressed.  Things did get moderately intimate that first night, but what was so nice was the fact that He in no way pressured me to go further, or to even progress as far as we did.  Knowing that, made me want to please Him even more, and I will simply say that I went home with a very pleasant feeling in my Heart and a wonderful taste in my mouth.

We were not able to see each other for a couple of weeks after that, due to schedule conflicts and the fact I had to return to where I lived before moving here for some furthering education classes.  It was during this time that I realized the words He had said our first evening together were not just lip-service, but very sincere.  I got numerous text messages while we were apart, asking me how my drive was, how I was doing, and just those general little things that say “I miss you” in a way that just truly made me feel very special.  The feelings in the air were electric when we saw each other again, and He took me out to dinner for my Birthday.  Now, believe me when I say I had noticed how strong and firm his dark hands looked, and felt when He caressed and rubbed me, and I definitely had thoughts of how they would feel putting handprints on my bare cheeks.  I had entertained thoughts of asking Him if He would enjoy having me over His knee on occasion, but was choosing to err on the side of caution, not wanting to lose something I had already begun to realize was quite special.  He knows of Lindas and my involvement in spanking and other forms of kink, but never really said one way or another as to whether or not He had ever engaged in play or enjoyed it.  With this information in mind, imagine how much my ears perked, my insides tingled, and face reddened when He looked at me and said “You didnt eat your veggies young man” just as the waiter was collecting our plates from the table!  I was so instantly hot, surprised, and deliciously embarassed at that time, I wanted to ravage Him right there on the spot and would have if I could have possibly gotten away with it.  That moment alone was the most incredible Birthday gift He could have ever given me, and the great dinner and truly wonderful conversation just added to the whole feeling of happiness I was feeling.  I knew by the time we returned to His house, that I wanted Him to make me His, and we spent the rest of the evening consumating the Relationship.  I can say without a doubt He is the most caring, gentle, cautious Man who has ever made Love to me, and the atmosphere was so relaxed, non-rushed, and pressure free that I couldnt get enough of Him.  This, my Friends, leads us up to this previous Thursday… and that is where part two will commence.


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