A much-needed release

May 5, 2010

Those of you who read my “return to the Life” post recently are aware that Linda is currently in West Virginia working, and will be there until early June.  This has had numerous affects on me, each of them emotionally trying in different degrees.  The first day Linda was gone, I realized my best option was to remain occupied as much as possible, and utilize the offers of listening ears and caring shoulders given to me by Hank and Indy.  The first weekend I was alone, Indy helped me with all three of those, and then some.

The two of us had been talking about going golfing together on one of the easier courses close to where She lives, and after assuring me that She would not laugh too hard at my return to the game after a 19 year hiatus as long as I didnt knock Her out with my swing, I decided it would be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  This, of course, would most certainly be followed up by dinner which would be followed up with nefarious activities guaranteed to leave both of us with sore bottoms.  I would also like to mention that, I had been already missing Linda greatly, and while in the planning stages for the weekend I asked Indy to help me release the emotions I had trapped inside me.  After very readily agreeing to do just that, the stage was set for a very nice weekend.

Moving forward to Saturday afternoon/early evening, as we were leaving the course in very good spirits due to having a very relaxing time enjoying the weather and each others company, the discussion ensued concerning any special things I wanted Her to do when spanking me.  I stated that I needed to be taken into  my little boy space, both physically and verbally, because my chest was feeling heavy with emotions I wanted to release.  At this point, I must admit that I need a “reason” to cry, as it makes me feel weak to break down for no apparent reason other than sadness.  As irrational as that sounds, both Linda and Indy know this, and both very willingly accommodate me in helping me release when I need to.  It was then decided that, after dinner, I would enjoy Topping Indy and later She would take care of the naughty little boy.

The evening that followed was just exactly what I wanted and needed… and more.  A wonderful, relaxing dinner of grilled salmon and Indian spiced potatoes was combined with even more relaxing vodka and orange juice and conversation intermixed with some playful bratting.  Desert consisted of yours truly giving the Lovely bottom of my Hostess a very thorough tending to before She went to a musical performance being held by a Friend of Hers, a chore/pleasure I will never tire of.  I took advantage of the time alone to partake of another drink and change into attire appropriate of the little boy I was already beginning to feel like inside, while thinking about just what was in store for me.  I was fortunate enough to come across Super Hero briefs in adult sizes, and after telling Linda about my discovery, I was told to get them for the times when I needed to be taken to that headspace.  I combined the Superman briefs I had brought with me with a pair of Dough Boy lounge pants, and sat down on the sofa to wait, and catch up on emails and Facebook.

Upon the return of my Babysitter of sorts, I was fully comfortable and relaxed, and looking forward to the care I knew She was very very capable of providing.  We sat and enjoyed some more nice conversation, me catching Her up on my budding relationship with Hank, and also discussing other topics both scene and non-scene related… which increased my level of anticipation/butterflies by the minute.  Those butterflies were even stronger when, after taking my glass to the kitchen, I was marched to the guest room with a firm hand on my back while being told “OK young man, you know what its time for”.  As if that wasnt enough to get the feelings and thoughts flowing, then being ordered to pull my pj pants and briefs down in front of Her before being quite matter-of-factly  pulled over Her knee was.

Once I had been properly placed in the time-honored position with my bare bottom perched very vulnerably, my helpful and very willing “Aunt Indy” wasted no time in peppering both cheeks thoroughly with a combination of impliments of varying intensity.  One of these implements was the ivory hairbrush that Linda uses on me when I am being disciplined, and the very distinct sting combined with the feelings that the use of the brush creates caused me to truly find my little boy space and I felt tears beginning to flow from my eyes.  Though I am quite certain Indy noticed this, it did nothing to dissuade Her from adding another barrage of firm swats with it, getting me closer and closer to release.  That release came very quickly after I was placed on the bed with pillows under my already badly stinging bottom, and subjected to the corrective measures of both Her and my Reformatory Paddle, and further punctuated with the intense CRACK of  the Corporal Punishment ruler strap.  Due to the tennis elbow that has been ailing Her of late, She was very sure to make the best of Her Dominant arms limited endurance by genuinely giving me 10 hard strokes that would have made Mommy Linda very proud.  That opened the floodgates, but did not stop my Intrepid Aunt from sticking to Her plan.  As I openly cried into the pillow, She soothed me verbally, but also told me I had swats from the paddle coming and She needed me to be a good boy and take them like She knew I could.  Those words increased the flow of emotions in a very good way, and the 6 swats I received with Her Fratman Jr paddle were enough to push every last adult thought and feeling out of me.  What followed can only be described as the most Caring, Wonderful thing a Friend has ever done for me…. my feelings of complete loss of control and carefree serenity were solidified as my shirt was gently removed, I was placed in bed, and tucked under the sheet and blanket…. giving me the freedom to collapse emotionally and openly cry myself to sleep.  I can certainly assure everyone, I did just that, and I couldn’t have without the help of a truly great Friend, who is by the day becoming one of the most wonderful and capable Tops Ive had the pleasure of submitting to.



  1. Hmmm, somewhere in there I got a pretty sound spanking, too, as I recall! Lol, didn’t notice the Superman underwear that time, though I did get a good chuckle out of the Batman version this last time that we played.

  2. Yes, you did Indy, I mentioned the fact I tanned your delicious bottom before you went out for those couple of hours, I just did not expand on it to the extent I normally do :). As far as the Superman and Batman undies…. you have to admit they fit my persona perfectly when Im in that mindspace.


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