Another night of release… Aunt Indy to the rescue (again)

May 16, 2010

After the serious, deep importance of my previous post, I think its time to return to the bit more relaxed, yet still emotion-fed installments of a much more enjoyable nature.  The Friday before last, I had planned a day of landscaping, and an evening of golfing and other enjoyment with Indy.  I had been feeling much better inside since the last time I made a trip to “Aunt Indy’s”, but I was in a mental state where I felt that another such emotional visit would again do wonders for me.  The day was just flawless, and I spent a number of very relaxing and healthy hours grooming Indy’s lawn while She was at work.  I was planning on attending the Opening Day Ceremonies at a local regional Amusement Park on Saturday, and with Indy’s house 45 minutes closer than ours, had arranged to spend the night there.  This made it ideal for me to ask for another good, sound, emotionally releasing spanking considering I could be put to bed and not have to drive home after an emotional drop of that level.  Of course, my “rent” for staying was the most pleasurable payment of tending to Indy’s wonderfully spankable bottom as well, and I will chronicle that joyous event in a future post.

As the afternoon turned to evening, I began to quickly realize that I truly needed a genuine, emotion stirring, painful spanking much more than I initially thought.  We got to the golf course, and the warm-ups on the driving range went quite well.  As a result of this, I wasn’t discouraged when the decision was made to play the full course, as opposed to the par 3 course we usually play.  My mood was quickly soured however, when I was very quickly made aware that my driving range prowess did NOT follow me to the course.  After a poor showing on the 1st hole, my mood went from down, to full-fledged meltdown when a series of unnecessary text messages sent me into a profanity-laced rant that would have made Happy Gilmore proud, and gotten me banned from the PGA Tour.  My concentration blown, I attempted to salvage the rest of the round, until a twisted back acquired from an attempt to adjust my swing relegated me to caddy after the 9th hole.  Darkness ended the round after the 11th, and the entire walk back to the car was spent with me calmly talking to Indy while mentally kicking myself inside for losing control.  An impending thunderstorm, that ultimately put an end to my plans for Saturday, brought me down even further… and after reading a post on Facebook from a “Friend” that angered me enough to warrant another rant in Indy’s living room… I was in a mental state that left me with no desire to deal with the emotions a hard spanking would let loose.

Once I calmed down enough to actually sit down and carry on a lucid conversation, we sat and discussed how things had gone the night before with Hank, and other soothing topics that eventually put me in a place where I felt comfortable in my abilities to enjoy the delightful task of reddening Indy’s Lovely bottom in a calm way that we would both enjoy.  While I was warming her up, and watching how she was relaxing as the  endorphins began to flow, some very strong feelings began to overwhelm me.  I realized it was just not healthy to keep the emotions, thoughts, and feelings inside me that I was… and just how much they were affecting me and those around me I care about.  I realized that Indy was an undeserving recipient of my repeated rants that evening, and I knew in my Heart that I needed the type of spanking befitting someone who had acted as I had.  Who better, I thought, than Aunt Indy to administer it… after all… She had to contend with the tantrums and it was only right She take me to task for it.

Once I had completed the thrashing of Indy’s fine backside with two of her canes in the living room, I returned to the bedroom and selected the tools I felt would most effectively produce the results I knew were needed and deserved.  I then went back to the living room, and confessed that I needed Aunt Indy to put me to bed with a very sore bottom and tear-stained cheeks.  No further encouragement was needed, and it was not long before I was being guided firmly to the bedroom, just like the last time I was a naughty boy.  I was mercifully allowed to keep my Batman briefs up in the beginning, though I think that simply caused Her to give me a more vigorous workout from the start.  A number of tools were used along with Her hand, including the leather Nanny Paddle, and the VERY stingy ivory hairbrush that Linda and I own that is very appropriate for correcting a naughty boy properly.  By the time my briefs were pulled down, the emotions were bubbling up, and I was sinking more deeply into my little boy space with every stinging swat to my bared cheeks.  It was not long before I was told to stand, and my underclothes were fully removed, a humbling experience to this day, regardless of how many times my nether regions have been seen in similar circumstances.  Once properly bared, I was laid across the bed for a very sound strapping, and it was during this when the dam broke, and the emotions and feelings flooded from within me.  I am extremely happy with the fortitude Indy shows when I start to cry, continuing with the same vigor, knowing my tears are not a signal to stop but an indication that She is taking me where I need to be.  My bottom was genuinely burning, and I was crying steadily when the last stroke of the leather was given… but it did nothing to dissuade Her from giving me what She knew would put me away… 6 very proper swats with Her paddle.  I broke on the 4th swat, my journey to my safe place complete, and the final two swats served as punctuation in my mind that I will always have a good Friend in Indy no matter how much of an ass I make of myself.

As I lay in bed crying, comfortably tucked in by my caring Aunt with my stuffed bumblebee and pacifier, I thought about the people who are important in my Life, and now… no matter how badly the walls of the World are closing in on me… are always there to relieve me of the crushing blows and how much I cherish each and every one of them in and out of the Life.



  1. That stuffed bumblebee is sooooo cute! You might even have looked too sweet to spank if you’d been holding it earlier.

    OK, probably not! 😀

  2. LOL, yes he is very cute. Linda bought that for me some time ago, and he is my little piece of Her I hold onto when I really start to miss Her. And I hardly believe that holding it could possibly be sweeter than the little sad pout I have perfected… and since THAT doesnt make me too sweet to spank… i was destined to get it anyway 🙂

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