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Hello, and welcome to our World!!

November 24, 2009

OK, so through some persuasion from a very good, close Friend of ours, my Wife and I have decided to enter the World of Blogging.  In the days (weeks, months years??) to come, we will be not only introducing you fine readers into our very “interesting” Life and Marriage, but will be chronicling the times we enjoy with play partners, one very special one in particular.  In fact, it will seem at times as though our Blog and hers are counterparts, and at times they certainly will be.  For that reason, we will be known through this Blog as Nick and Linda, though our Friends will know that in our social lives I have absolutely no problem divulging my real identity, and am in no way afraid or ashamed of who I am or the Life I am very comfortable living.  So please, enjoy the coming posts, and while they will not always be Scene related, they will always be truly from the Heart.  One final note… PLEASE don’t be afraid to make use of the comments section of the Blog, we LOVE to hear what you have to say, and possibly suggest, and will always answer any and all comments/questions.  After all, its the readers that make this worth doing :-).